Miriam Chesner Explores Latin America’s Growing Tourism Industry

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Miriam Chesner Explores Latin America's Growing Tourism Industry

Miriam Chesner Explores Latin America’s Growing Tourism Industry

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Miriam Chesner – Latin America tourism industry

Travel and tourism in Latin America took a significant hit during and immediately following the global recession of a decade ago, with international arrivals slowing drastically as tourists found themselves with less money to spend on vacations and travel. According to Miriam Chesner, however, times have now changed, and Latin America’s tourism industry is once again growing.


“More recently,” says Chesner, a New Jersey-based Latin American cultural expert and experienced languages teacher, “travel and tourism throughout Latin America have proved to be something of a success story with forecasts suggesting significant continued growth going forward.”


Immediately following the recession, the tourism industry’s direct contribution to Latin America’s total combined annual GDP fell sharply. Yet after just three or four years, the numbers had begun to improve, with the same figure rising to over $130 billion in 2012. As travel and tourism in Latin America have continued to grow in popularity in the years since today’s estimates project a combined industry annual GDP contribution for the region of as much as $225 billion by 2022.


“Revenue is generated by all manner of tourism-oriented services including airlines and hotels in addition to restaurants and leisure industries which cater for tourists,” adds Chesner.


New Jersey Cultural Expert Miriam Chesner Explores Latin America’s Growing Tourism Sector.

A highly qualified English language educator, Chesner credits the region’s almost unparalleled scenic diversity as well as world-famous cuisine and cultures for the surge in travel and tourism spending in countries including Brazil, Argentina, Peru, and elsewhere in Latin America. “The travel and tourism industries in Argentina and Peru, in particular, are becoming increasingly sophisticated,” she adds, “catering to every possible kind of traveler, from those seeking five-star luxury to those on much tighter budgets.”


While Brazil currently brings in the lion’s share of Latin America’s tourists and thus associated spending, Peru, Chile, and Argentina are quickly gaining ground. “Currently, the rest of the countries which form Latin America, outside of Brazil, Argentina, Peru, and Chile, account for less than 10 percent of combined tourism industry spending in the region, although this number is rising steadily each year, something which looks set to continue, certainly for the foreseeable future,” New Jersey-based Chesner adds, wrapping up.


A member of America’s oldest honor society, the Phi Beta Kappa Charter of New York, New York University graduate Miriam Chesner is a highly qualified English language educator and an expert on Latin American culture, currently based in New Jersey. Chesner has also recently explored Latin America’s Caribbean nations and looked at Rio de Janeiro’s famous Copacabana beach. Furthermore, she has previously addressed the importance of learning culture alongside language, shared details of ESL training and education, explained the benefits of teaching English as a second language, and uncovered opportunities available to ESL qualified individuals worldwide.