Miriam Chesner Opens Up About Highly-Prestigious Honor Society Membership

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Miriam Chesner Opens Up About Highly-Prestigious Honor Society Membership

Miriam Chesner - Honor Society
Miriam Chesner – Honor Society

Founded in 1776, Phi Beta Kappa is among the most prestigious honor societies in the United States. A member of the Phi Beta Kappa Charter, Miriam Chesner opens up about America’s oldest honor society. Touted as a celebration of an individual’s outstanding academic performance and achievements. Initiation into Phi Beta Kappa remains strictly by invitation only.


Phi Beta Kappa recognizes outstanding performance and a distinguished program of study in the sciences and liberal arts. Miriam Chesner herself was a part of the Phi Beta Kappa Charter of New York. Based at New York University and established in 1858. Chesner goes on to add that election to the society lasts a lifetime and connects individuals from across a number of distinct academic fields.


“All members of Phi Beta Kappa represent outstanding achievements within their respective fields of study, as well as a wholehearted commitment to the spirit of learning, regardless of discipline,” adds Chesner, a New York University graduate who holds a master’s degree in English as a second language, and who’s an expert on South American culture.


New Jersey-based Phi Beta Kappa Member Miriam Chesner Shares Details of the Centuries-old Honor Society

Originally founded at the College of William and Mary at Williamsburg, Virginia in 1776, the American revolutionary war forced Phi Beta Kappa out of operation within just four years, until 1851 when it was reestablished once again. “Further charters then appeared at the colleges at New Haven, Connecticut, and at Cambridge, Massachusetts,” Chesner points out.


Miriam was apart of the eighth chapter of NYU’s honor society. “In the 160 years since then, the University of the City of New York—today’s New York University, or NYU—charter has continued to flourish,” suggests Chesner.


Phi Beta Kappa members have included 17 U.S. Presidents, 38 Supreme Court Justices, and 130 Nobel Laureates during its 242-year history. Miriam Chesner, work alongside a vast number of noted scientists and researchers, business leaders, artists, and athletes.


There are various eligibility requirements for the Phi Beta Kappa Charter at NYU. This includes knowledge of a second or non-native language plus college-level education in mathematics, statistics, or logic. According to Chesner, students seeking initiation into the invite-only society must also be candidates for a bachelor’s degree. Also, they must have never failed a course. Candidates are ineligible if found guilty of academic dishonesty. “Weight is also given to breadth and depth of study in science and liberal arts,” she adds, wrapping up.


To learn more about Phi Beta Kappa, please visit https://www.pbk.org/.