Miriam Chesner Explores Popular Attractions in Brazil

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Miriam Chesner Explores Popular Attractions in Brazil

Miriam Chesner NJ

Miriam Chesner NJ dives into Brazil! One of the world’s largest countries, Brazil is home to an abundance of incredible sights, from natural wonders to internationally renowned landmarks and over 2,000 beaches, many of which are rated among the best on the planet. Much of Brazil’s charm, says Miriam Chesner NJ, comes from its vibrant mix of cultures, as she explores a range of must-see sights and things to do in the South and Latin American country.


A New York University graduate, Spanish teacher, and expert on South American culture from New Jersey, Chesner first points toward Rio de Janeiro’s Tijuca Forest. Brazil’s largest urban forest, the Tijuca Forest National Park is perhaps most famous for its Christ the Redeemer or Cristo Redentor, statue which stands atop the 2,300 foot tall Corcovado Mountain.


A 33 square kilometer area of jungle packed with tropical trees, vines, and waterfalls, Tijuca Forest is home to over 300 bird species, as well as ocelots and howler monkeys. “When in Brazil, and particularly when in Rio de Janeiro, Tijuca Forest and the Christ the Redeemer statue are not to be missed,” says Miriam Chesner NJ.



Miriam Chesner NJ reveals a series of recommendations for must-see sights and things to do when visiting Brazil.


Chesner’s second suggestion, staying in the city, is the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden. Located in the southernmost part of the city, the botanical gardens contain over 6,500 different tree and plant species. Peppered with artistic sculptures, monuments, and stunning greenhouses, Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden is an attractive proposition for fans of art and architecture as well as lovers of nature, according to Chesner.


“Created by the Spanish neo-futuristic engineer Santiago Calatrava. The Museum of Tomorrow, she says, is a must-see attraction for both adults and children when in Rio de Janeiro. The museum takes visitors through five main exhibition areas. T, titled ‘Cosmos,’ ‘Earth,’ ‘Anthropocene,’ ‘Tomorrow,’ and ‘Us’ via a series of experiments and experiences.


Elsewhere, Chesner recommends the Parque das Aves. A privately owned zoo located in Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná State, close to the area’s famous waterfalls. Set within 16 hectares of forest and first opened 24 years ago. The zoo comprises mainly exotic birds alongside butterflies and other animals.


In conclusion, another museum recommendation. Chesner also suggests visiting the São Paulo Museum of Art. The creation of an Italian art collector and curator, and a Brazilian politician and businessperson. The museum boasts over 8,000 pieces of art. “One of the largest libraries of art in Brazil, it’s certainly worth a visit when in São Paulo,”.


Furthermore, Brazil’s more than 2,000 beaches each constitutes a sight worth seeing. So wherever you are in the country, be sure to take in the beautiful Brazilian coastline where possible. Chesner says as she wraps up.