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Miriam Chesner Explores Popular Attractions in Brazil

Miriam Chesner Explores Popular Attractions in Brazil Miriam Chesner NJ dives into Brazil! One of the world’s largest countries, Brazil is home to an abundance of incredible sights, from natural wonders to internationally renowned landmarks and over 2,000 beaches, many of which are rated among the best on the planet. Much of Brazil’s charm, says […]

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Miriam Chesner shares brief history of Phi Beta Kappa Society

Miriam Chesner

┬áNew York University graduate Miriam Chesner delves into centuries-old history of the highly-prestigious honor society.   Phi Beta Kappa Society   Founded nearly 250 years ago, the Phi Beta Kappa Society is the oldest and most prestigious honor society in the United States. Starting in the 1770s, initiation into invite only Phi Beta Kappa is […]

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Miriam Chesner looks at South American cultural highlights

South America’s massively diverse population has led the continent to enjoy a spectacular level of cultural interest. Miriam Chesner is a New York University graduate and expert on South American culture. South America spreads over almost 18 million square kilometers and home to nearly half a billion people. South America boasts an incredible cultural landscape. […]